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Colleen started her DreamPackers endeavor in 2006.  She has provided support for thousands of local underprivileged children in Billings from her own pocket. 

In 2014 she formed a 501(c)3 organization so that other people who share her passion for helping kids could be realized. 100% of funds go to purchase backpacks filled all the necessary school supplies to start off their school year right.  She and her team at Colleen Black & Company assemble and completely customize the backpacks for each child. Every year over a hundred at-risk kids receive these packs, and the need continues to grow.  Without this help, kids struggle to focus on their studies by not being prepared with the proper learning tools.


DreamPackers strongly believes in education and the importance of having the right tools to succeed.  Her vision for the future is to help even more kids locally by expanding the backpacks to also include gym shoes.  It is so important for kids to get the most out of their physical education as well as in the classroom. 

With your help, DreamPackers will be able to continue with Colleen's vision of providing these educational tools and have an even larger impact on these kids and improve their chances for a bright successful future.  

YOU can be a part of the team by contributing to DreamPackers!

It’s easy to make your tax-deductible donation:

     ~ Make a tax-deductible online donation by going to our secure site HERE.

     ~ Mail a check made to DreamPackers, along with your name and address so we can provide a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.


1925 Central Avenue 

Billings, MT  59102


This is a small sample of what lines the halls of the office in the weeks prior to school starting.  We love helping kids!

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